Progress Update #9: Community Alpha

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3 min readMay 27, 2022


First of all, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the Community Alpha!We know many of you have been waiting for a chance to take your first steps in the world of Paradise Tycoon!

In this week’s progress update we will reveal the contents of the Community Alpha and the three-part community challenge related to the release of the alpha version.

Focus on the Environment

In our previous weekly update, I highlighted how interactive the world of Paradise Tycoon will be. We will add lots of ways to interact with the environment in the game that don’t necessarily affect player’s progress but will support building an immersive gaming experience and for the players to ‘create their own fun’.

In Paradise Tycoon there’s lots to do! Expect an invitation to a crazy sailboat race, evenings of chill fishing or hop in for a swim with your friends!

“…Interactive world is just that — environment that respond to a player’s actions within, whether the interaction is between a player and a living being, or an object…” — Progress Update #6

In the Community Alpha we wish to showcase exactly this aspect of our game to our community. We will let you create your own avatar, explore a lush and vibrant test island filled with little things to play with and, most importantly, a fully functional photo mode to capture your finest moments in Paradise. If you are not familiar with the Photo Mode, read our Progress Update #7.

Community Challenge — Photo Mode

You might’ve already guessed that this has everything to do with the three part community challenge I mentioned above. You’re correct!

Simultaneously, we will launch a Community Challenge — Photomode where we will post a task every 3 days. Each task comes with a different theme to capture in the World of Paradise Tycoon using the photo mode feature. We will pick the best ones and the winners get a prize!

Photo Mode — one of the key features in Community Alpha

To keep the focus on the avatar customization, environment and photo mode — the Community Alpha will not have resource harvesting, trading or building features available, but worry not, there’s still plenty to do here without getting your hands dirty.

The date for the Community Alpha launch will be announced in a few days.

AMA with Decentralized Club

This week we also did another AMA session with the fantastic Decentralized Club. This Telegram group of over 120 000 members had prepared us a total of 15 questions. During the hour and a half session, we discussed everything from our token MOANI utility, several game features and tech.

Missed the show? Don’t worry, here’s full recap!

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