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3 min readMay 3, 2022

Last week the development and art team focused on the visual appearance of the game, including use of multiple light sources, adjusting the time of the day simulation and a very comprehensive tool for screenshots, called Photo Mode.

Photo Mode feature

Let’s take a closer look at the Photo Mode feature. In photo mode players create amazing in-game screenshots using different filters, camera settings, frames and stickers. It may sound like a feature typically added in a later phase of the development process. However, we take pride in using a lot of in-game footage in our marketing material, and we can do that because the game looks great.

Photo Mode on Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4

The photo mode will be an efficient tool for our team to create new marketing material and exclusive previews for the community directly from the game. It can also be used to create fun community challenges and competitions. Therefore, it makes sense to implement this feature at this moment. It’s also a very popular feature, seen in most AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Marvel’s Spider-Man. The photo mode in Paradise Tycoon in no way falls short compared to these blockbusters.

The photo mode in Paradise Tycoon has all the fancy features you might have seen in the AAA games.

It will feature a set of camera parameters a beginner can easily work with, but will also satisfy the needs of more experienced screenshot artists. In addition to premade filters, players can adjust view roll and distance, aperture, exposure, contrast, saturation and vignette. Players can adjust the camera angle freely, do different poses and add frames or stickers to decorate the photos. Photo mode offers endless hours of fun, and I can’t wait for the Paradise Tycoon community to begin creating their own memes!

The end result with adjusted camera parameters like focus distance, vignette, saturation, aperture, and cinematic frame.

Barnyard Giveaway Competition

Meanwhile, we finished the Paradise Tycoon Barnyard Giveaway competition. We received a huge amount of suggestions from our community for new adorable Paradise Tycoon creatures, and we’ll be browsing that list for inspiration in weeks to come — thank you all for participating and congratulations to our winners gtrtfav3 and HsyNup. The winners’ suggestions were Meerkat and Buffalo!

‘’With a Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo There’’ — Paradise Tycoon will have an animal-rich biome!

Game design details coming up

Next week’s progress update will be replaced with an announcement of new game design details. This includes revealing

1. Workers NFT identity — who are they, what do they look like and where did they come from.

2. Social gaming & features in Paradise Tycoon

3. Managing your own paradise — the Tycoon & RPG game elements.

You can expect all this by the end of next week.

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