Paradise Tycoon: Progress Update #6

Paradise Tycoon
2 min readApr 27, 2022

Intensive 3-day Game Design & Marketing Workshop

First thing last week we wrapped up the Closed Alpha with some final polishes and sent it to another patch of carefully selected investors and partners. The team then gathered at our Office in Oulu, Finland for an intensive 3 day workshop of game design, marketing plans and… some beverages!

One of the first things that came up at the workshop was to address our community’s wishes for a Community Alpha, i.e. a version of Closed Alpha we could share to our community for some hands-on experience in the world of Paradise Tycoon. After brainstorming some ideas we came up with a fun way to do just that, without having to deal with compability issues yet, which are often the challenge of public tests. Stay around for an announcement of the Community Alpha, including date and content within a couple of weeks.

Interactive World of Paradise Tycoon

Interactive world is just that — environment that respond to a player’s actions within, whether the interaction is between a player and a living being, or an object. Sometimes the interaction can have a function, or even take a form of a minigame. Sometimes the interaction is irrelevant to your progress, but can still play a large part in fostering emergent gameplay.

Doge loves to being petted! (in-game footage from Closed Alpha)

Last week our team added some animations and features to Paradise Tycoon to interact with the environment. Including e.g. a possibility to pet a dog, chill on a bench for awhile or collect eggs from Chicken coops. Adding this kind of features will be an on-going process to ensure the world of Paradise Tycoon is immersive and encourages players to create their own goals and find their own fun in addition to the short- and long-term goals provided in the gameplay.

AMA with Universal Crypto

One of the highlites of the week was an AMA with Universal Crypto. During the AMA session we answered questions from the hosts, twitter and from the telegram group members. The topics covered the tokenomics of the project, our ‘games-first’ approach on GameFi, NFT lands, community and more.

Missed the AMA? No worries, you can read the recap here!

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