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5 min readFeb 13, 2023

Update: Free Genesis NFT Mint will begin on Monday 13th March 2.00pm (UTC) read full instructions here!

February promises to be an exciting and busy month for Paradise Tycoon and we’re starting things off with a bang by announcing the arrival of our Genesis Chests!

Genesis Chests are a prelude to the Genesis Land mint, which will be launching later this year, where players will be able to convert their Paradise Coupons into land, upgrades, and buildings. And the best part? Both mints will be completely free!

As Timo Juuti, Paradise Tycoon’s Co-Founder, put it, “We never felt comfortable with the idea of pricing digital collectibles (NFTs) at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As a (formerly) traditional games studio, it’s easier to position ourselves in the blockchain space now that the hype has died down.”

Coupon holders get whitelist spots!

Genesis Chests will be a series of fully operational in-game NFT assets that will be revealed to the public in three parts throughout the month.

The 1st reveal — Furniture Accessories

The 2nd reveal — Genesis Key (access to secret locations & future NFTs)

The 3rd reveal — Pet Companions

A New and Innovative Approach to NFT Game Assets

In most web3 games NFTs only serve as an ID linking to an asset on a game server maintained by the developer. This means that in the event the server is shut down, the NFT loses its value as a game asset.

Paradise Tycoon is taking a different approach, allowing for a higher level of true digital ownership that is beyond the control of the game developers. In Paradise Tycoon, NFT game assets, including attributes and visual elements, are stored on the blockchain (or IPFS) with a license that allows other developers to create utility and interoperability for the NFTs. This model will eventually help us grow our IP across the gaming ecosystem and supports our goal of mass adoption by web2 gamers. There are plenty of developers that today, utilizing web3 technology, would love to tap into interoperable IPs but are unable to do so due to old traditional licensing models.

As Timo explains, “Blockchain technology offers immense freedom in game design. We are putting in-game assets into the blockchain as NFTs, with a Creative Commons license for developers to use in their games. It makes them available for anyone and not controlled by us; this is real digital ownership. This creates some exciting future scenarios and new ways to build IPs.“

Who gets to Mint our Genesis Chests?

With only 4444 Genesis Chests available, now is your chance to show the world your true Tycoon potential. Join us and be a part of Paradise Tycoon history by owning our first generation of fully-operational NFTs.

Tier 2 and Tier 1 gives a guaranteed Epic of Legendary chest!

At Paradise Tycoon, we believe in building a strong community, and that’s why we want to reward our early players while also attracting new members. However, most growth hacking methods tend to only appeal to speculators and NFT hunters. With the Genesis Chest mint, anyone can access one of the three different Tiers of whitelists, with priority given to players who have already been playing the game and earning coupons and to new players who are willing to engage in community activities and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Paradise Tycoon.

Three Tiers of Whitelists and Chest Rarities

The chests operate like popular gacha implementations with the content being random but based on certain drop rates. Rare chests have a lower chance of including epic or legendary NFTs compared to Epic of Legendary chests.

Legendary Genesis Chest

Minting process

The minting process for Paradise Tycoon’s Genesis Chests will take place on Monday, March 13th on our website. Higher Tier whitelists will be minted first and each player will only be able to mint one chest; Only the highest tier WL will be taken into account. Any remaining chests from Tier 3 will go to the treasury and will later be distributed as in-game and community rewards, partnership and influencer rewards, and raffles.

During the minting, WL holders will receive chests of varying rarity. The chest contents will be revealed and claimed on the website two days after the mint (on Wednesday, March 15th). A low minting fee will be required to be paid by the player on Avalanche.

How to participate?

Want to increase your chances of snagging a Chest? Join our community events or in-game contests in the upcoming Alpha Snapshot 4!

Here is a recap of all the ways to increase your chances of minting a Genesis Chest:

  • Access to WL by having collected Paradise Coupons from Alpha Snapshot 1–3
  • In-Game events & Achievements in Snapshot 4 for WL slot or Coupons
  • Discord community raffles & weekly contests
  • Partnerships with other projects and content creators
  • Twitter contests
  • Twitch Streams

Road to Genesis Mint!

So what next? As we countdown to mint day (about four weeks left), we have a number of exciting announcements and events planned to keep you informed and entertained! This week alone, we will be revealing our seed round investors, collaborators and partners who are joining forces with us for the Genesis Mint Party.

We will be also sharing more details about Snapshot 4 and you’ll soon learn about the contents of the chests during our weekly reveal events.

To make the most of this exciting time, we encourage you to participate in our community events, including weekly reveal events, fun challenges on Discord, and thrilling WL raffles on Twitter.

The road to Genesis Mint is a journey and we want you to be a part of it. So, what are you waiting for? Join our thriving community, conquer our in-game challenges and experience the fun the Tycoon-Way!

Don’t forget, Alpha Snapshot 3 is still running for some (short) time — make sure to fix your boat and go claim your coupon & role in our Discord before it’s too late.

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