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4 min readSep 6, 2023


Exciting times are ahead! We’re thrilled to present the Paradise Community Rewards system — not just a new feature, but an exciting evolution towards gamifying our community engagement. And at the heart of it all? Tycoon Points!

Think you have it all figured out? Don’t skip the last part of this post! We’ll tell you how to get some bonus points to get you started.

What are Tycoon Points?

Tycoon Points are our way of celebrating your dedication and passion for Paradise Tycoon. As you accumulate these points, you’ll open doors to elite rewards such as NFTs, giveaways, Paradise Coupons, and other exclusive perks. You can spend your points at our Discord Shop or accumulate them to reach higher ranks with exclusive perks!

The Path to Earning Tycoon Points:

It’s simple. Stay active on our social platforms, outshine others in our events and contests, and embrace our latest achievements. Dive in and let the fun begin!

Social Activity

  • Discord Activity: Each month, top users will earn points based on their position on the activity leaderboard. To give everyone an equal opportunity to gain points, the leaderboard will reset each month. And it will be publicly accessible for all to see!
  • Twitch Streams: After each Paradise Stream, we’ll distribute a designated pool of points among viewers. The longer you’re with us, the more points you earn.
  • Social Media Engagement (available soon): A dedicated system is in the works to reward your engagement on our social media channels.

Events & Contests

You may have heard about our fun, community-building Discord competitions. Now they get even more exciting with the addition of Tycoon Points as a reward. Expect our Discord to be packed with both major and mini-games:

  • Major Games: From Screenshot-fest, Tycoon stories to Meme events
  • Mini-Games: On-the-go events like the Tycoon Quiz, Crosswords, and the iconic Finding Wally.


New achievements on the horizon. We have added several new Achievements to our Discord. In addition to other prizes, these achievements will also reward you with Tycoon Points!

  • Genesis Collector: Got a full furniture set? Depending on the rarity, you will score a substantial amount of Tycoon Points to spend and possibly a Paradise Coupon too.
  • Genesis Pet Owner: Flaunt your pet, grab your reward!
  • Genesis Adventurer: Complete the Genesis Area to earn this achievement and a Paradise Coupon.
Don’t have the Genesis Adventurer achievement yet? Go explore Ancient Ruins to get it!

Ranks and Roles

Once you have accumulated a certain amount of points, you will receive a rank with exclusive perks. Your rank will not be removed even if you spend your hard earned points. Eligibility for a rank will be checked on weekly basis!

Advance through our ranks with your Tycoon Points:

  • Island Apprentice: The starting point for every Tycoon.
  • Paradise Builder: For the empire builders.
  • Paradise Master: For seasoned veterans.
  • Tycoon Titan: The elite achievers.
  • Tycoon Legend: Reserved for the crème de la crème.

Achieving these ranks amplifies your benefits, from better chances at future giveaways organized at our Discord server, to VIP opportunities like early iOS testing, exclusive content and more!

Shop & Redeem

The main purpose of the points is to spend them on NFTs and Coupons in our very own shop. Every item in the shop will have a fixed supply, but fear not, we will be updating the shop on a regular basis so you will never run out of great things to buy!

Trade your Tycoon Points for various items at our Discord shop:

  • Paradise Coupons (used to mint the Paradise Passport)
  • Genesis NFT Chests (Rare, Epic, Legendary tiers)
  • Single Furniture Items
  • Full Furniture Sets (limited stock!)
  • Pets (limited availability!)
  • Genesis Keys

Seasons: Keeping Things Fresh

Our community rewards work in seasons. The first season is the Genesis Season, which will end when the game launches. With each new season, everything gets a refresh: shop items, roles, everything. And for the go-getters? A bonus awaits!

To celebrate the launch of the new Community Rewards, we’ll give an extra 300 points to anyone who reaches the first rank of ‘Island Apprentice’ before September 13th (which is only 100 points, and very easy to do!) That’s halfway to becoming a Paradise Builder!

To wrap it up, Tycoon Points are your ticket to a richer and more rewarding Paradise Tycoon experience. We’ve crafted countless avenues for you to earn and enjoy.

Your involvement is instrumental to our journey, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

Here’s to countless new adventures in Paradise Tycoon!

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