Transfering Paradise Pass NFT from Metamask to Immutable Passport

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3 min readMay 14, 2024


To unlock the Gold tier in Paradise Pass and receive the rewards, you need to transfer your Paradise Pass NFT(s) to the Immutable Passport wallet that you used to sign up in the game. To do this, you will need two things:

1. IMX for the gas fee to transfer the NFT

2. Immutable Passport wallet

Here are the instructions for both.

1. How to fund your Metamask with some IMX

To transfer your Paradise Pass NFT from Metamask, you’ll need some IMX in the Immutable zkEVM network to cover the gas fee.

Follow these steps to get IMX:

  1. Let’s begin by bridging ETH to Immutable zkEVM. Go to

2. Select Ethereum in the ‘From’ dropdown menu on the right.

3. ‘To’ field should say: Immutable zkEVM. Then, input the desired amount. Add your wallet address to the ‘To Immutable zkEVM address’ field.

4. Turn on “Refuel”. Without it, you will NOT have funds to pay for gas on Immutable zkEVM.

5. Select ‘Swap now’, connect your wallet, and initiate the transfer.

Now, you can swap ETH to IMX on Quickswap and proceed with the transfer. If you do not have an Immutable Passport wallet ready proceed to Step 2.

To find more ways to do this (other than the one mentioned above) you can see this article or visit: or

2. Create an Immutable Passport account

(Skip this chapter if you already have the Immutable Passport)

If you don’t have an Immutable Passport account yet, you can create one by accessing the Paradise Tycoon game or by visiting the Immutable site:

1. Visit

2. Sign in or create an account by clicking “Sign In”.

‍3. Use Google, Apple, or email for account creation.

4. After signing up or logging in, you can view your assets and wallet address in the upper right corner.

‍3. Transfering Paradise Pass from Metamask to Immutable Passport

First, ensure you have completed the previous two steps (you need to have an Immutable Passport account and some IMX in its wallet).

Then you can transfer the NFT by following the next steps

  1. Go to Sphere Market

2. On the top right, connect your Metamask wallet with the Immutable zkEVM network selected

3. Go to ‘Your NFTs’

4. Hoover over your NFT, click on the three dots, and ‘Transfer’

5. Enter the Immutable Passport wallet address — and done!

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