The Road to Paradise: The Exciting Journey Ahead for Paradise Tycoon

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As the buzz around Paradise Tycoon reaches new heights, the anticipation for its Q3 launch is building up in the gaming community. With less than six months to go, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure the wait is not just bearable but exhilarating for all the Tycoons eagerly awaiting to claim their slice of paradise.

Entering Beta Phase!f

The journey begins in late February with the beta phase, marking a significant milestone as we introduce a multiplayer environment — a feature many of you have been waiting for. This phase is not just a sneak peek but a full dive into what’s to come, including the seamless wallet integration courtesy of Immutable’s passport. This integration means that logging into your Paradise Tycoon account will be as easy as a single click using Google or social logins.

NFT Migration and the Paradise Passport

For our NFT holders, the migration of your existing Paradise Tycoon NFTs to your newly created account will be straightforward via a dedicated website launching in March. Following this, the much-awaited Paradise Passport NFTs will be minted, having been slightly redesigned to align more closely with both our testing needs for the beta phase and the expectations of our vibrant community.

The Paradise Passport NFT isn’t just any ticket; it’s a key to unlocking exclusive tier in seasonal tasks. This feature, rolling out in Beta Snapshot 2 come April, will reward players for completing daily tasks with enticing rewards. Holders of the Paradise Passport NFT, however, will have the added advantage of earning Moani tokens — our in-game currency that, while fully functional for trading and NPC interactions during the beta, will remain off-chain until our official launch.

Expanding the Horizon with new features!

First up, we’re introducing multiplayer features and environment. This means we are also diversifying the game world with the introduction of biomes. The location of your island will dictate the resources available to you, encouraging interaction and trade with other players to obtain the specific items needed for crafting.

This not only adds depth to the game’s strategy but also mirrors the diverse ecosystem of a real-world marketplace, introducing player-to-player trading. Utilizing the in-game currency, Moani, you can trade anything from non-NFT resources to mintable and already minted rare items.

NFT crafting, allows you to use rare resources for crafting unique items. From invaluable tools to decorative artifacts, these items can now be minted as NFTs, bringing a tangible sense of ownership and value to your creations.

Lastly, we’re enriching the game with a plethora of new resources, buildings, and upgrades. Expect a massive influx of new items and tools, alongside buildings like refineries. These establishments will allow you to transform basic resources into high-value commodities or stat-boosting consumables. Moreover, the upgradeable nature of these buildings means that as your island progresses, so too will the efficacy and appearance of your constructions, enhancing both utility and aesthetic appeal.

Genesis Lands and Beyond

As we wrap up the Beta phase in Summer, players will have the opportunity to utilize their hard-earned Paradise Coupons to acquire Genesis Lands, setting the stage for the official launch. Yet, as we often say, the launch is merely the beginning of a grander adventure.

Live Operations and Future Expansions

Post-launch, Paradise Tycoon will enter an exciting phase of live operations, teeming with a variety of new events and activities designed to keep the world vibrant and engaging. And the ambition doesn’t stop there; two major expansions are on the horizon for the end of 2024. These expansions promise new features, territories to explore, and additional game content, ensuring that Paradise remains an active and dynamic world. Our goal is to grow our gamer base to 5 million players by the year’s end, a testament to the expansive vision we have for Paradise Tycoon.

Stay tuned, as the weeks ahead will unveil more details about these updates and features. The road to Paradise is paved with excitement, innovation, and community — a journey we can’t wait to embark on with you.

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