The Genesis Key: Unlock the secrets of the Genesis Areas!

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3 min readMay 30, 2023


As you walk through the newly unveiled Neighborhood region on Alpha Island (Alpha Snapshot 5), an intriguing, almost mystical portal catches your attention…

Currently dormant, this portal will soon stir to life, responding to the call of the Genesis Keys Holders. These keys will open the doors to an exclusive Genesis Area, teeming with exhilarating experiences and rewarding surprises.

Today, we take a deeper look at the Genesis Keys, what they unlock, and their pivotal role in your journey through Paradise Tycoon.

The Genesis Key: Your Exclusive Access to the Genesis Areas

Before we spill the secrets of the Genesis Area, let’s take a closer look at the Genesis Keys.

The Genesis Key is not just an ordinary NFT; it’s your ticket into the most confidential and riveting corners of Paradise Tycoon. With a capped total supply of 2444 NFTs, the Genesis Keys, birthed from our Genesis Chest NFT collection, are some of our most coveted in-game digital collectibles.

These keys unlock secret areas filled with precious NFTs and resources. Such treasures can provide you with a competitive edge in every upcoming Snapshot events and competitions within Paradise Tycoon (cf. Beta Roadmap sneak peek below).

The First Genesis Area: Ancient Ruins

Upon using a Genesis Key in Alpha Snapshot 5, the portal whisks you off to the first Genesis Area — Ancient Ruins. Nestled within these ruins lies a magnificent chest, a treasure trove yearning to be unlocked.

But getting your hands on this chest is no walk in the park! You’ll have to channel your inner explorer as you traverse the treacherous paths and chambers of the ancient ruins. Each step forward brings you closer to the grand prize but remember, time is of the essence!

The suspense escalates as the contents of your chest remain shrouded in mystery until the final reveal. Your performance during this adventure determines the rarity of the chest you unlock — from Rare to the highly sought-after Legendary Chest.

Rest assured, there are no losers here! Regardless of your performance, each Genesis Key you hold guarantees you a chest.

If you’re a thrill-seeker with multiple keys, take note.

Each Genesis Key you own is an individual opportunity for treasure hunting. This means if you hold more than one key, you have multiple entries to venture into the Genesis Area. In other words, more keys translate to more chances to unlock valuable treasures!

What’s Inside the Chest?

As you finally unlock your chest, a variety of unique items awaits:

  1. NFT Tools: These tools, varying in rarity and stats, are here to ensure your success, enhancing your gameplay in unique ways.
  2. Vanity NFTs: Bring home Ancient Ruins themed furniture or exterior decorations as a perfect memento from your adventures.
  3. In-game Resources: Unearth a wealth of in-game resources to enhance your gaming experience.
  4. Next Area Genesis Key: Continue your journey and unlock new adventures with a key to the next Genesis Area.

Note that the contents of each chest vary, and not every chest contains all of these items.

If you’re eager to explore the Genesis Area but don’t yet have a Genesis Key, you can check out these marketplaces:

In the world of Paradise Tycoon, each key is the gateway to an unfolding adventure. So, are you ready to seize your Genesis Key and step into the unknown? The Ancient Ruins await, Tycoons!

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