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3 min readNov 21, 2023


In the world of Paradise Tycoon, trading is not just an activity— it’s a way of life for every Tycoon. With resources having a limited nature, just like in the real world, each item can be someone’s treasure. These resources are diverse, often bound to specific locations, seasons, or unique events, making it almost impossible for a Tycoon to become fully self-sufficient.

Imagine this: The trees in a Tycoon’s backyard in one part of the world might be entirely different from those in another, both equally useful, but for a different purpose! This diversity is what makes trading in Paradise Tycoon so exhilarating.

The heart of this bustling trade is the Auction House at Port Ohana, where Tycoons from all corners of the world come together. Whether you’re a newcomer to Paradise Island or have already created your Paradise Empire, the Auction House offers trading opportunities for everyone. Here, even the most basic resources find value, as crafting and building— the soul of a Tycoon’s journey— often require materials from different corners of the world.

Advanced Tycoons elevate their game with refineries, transforming common resources or crops into rare commodities or consumables that enhance abilities, crucial for acing competions and events. But space is a luxury, and choices in crafting and building are influenced by the House a Tycoon aligns with, making trading an essential aspect of life in Paradise Tycoon.

Transactions flow through the Moani token, allowing players to set their desired prices for a range of items— from common resources and mintable items to NFTs. While trading primarily occurs player-to-player, the Port Ohana Welcoming Committee ensures a smooth process by facilitating these exchanges for a nominal fee.

Don’t worry, those resource numbers are just a mock up!

Oh, one more thing! We’re introducing the first refinery building— the Juice Bar on our last Alpha update next week! Here, common crops transform into potent consumables, briefly boosting your running and jumping abilities. It’s perfect timing, as we’re also relaunching the popular obstacle course event. Keep your eyes peeled for those Paradise Coupons in this thrilling update!

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