The Alpha Finale: Exploring the new upgrades in Snapshot 5.5

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4 min readJul 29, 2023

Dear Tycoons,

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of our first Genesis Area, and we want to thank you for your patience. As we strive to create the most enjoyable and seamless gaming experience possible, we’ve been hard at work ensuring all on-chain features are more than just functional — they’re flawless.

And that’s not all we’ve been up to…!

We initially intended to separately roll out the Genesis Area and a subsequent update encapsulating new features, user experience enhancements, and more. However, the universe had a different plan! Your wait will now be rewarded with a MEGA-update — so significant, it feels like a brand new chapter for Paradise Tycoon!

So, what’s new in Paradise Tycoon Alpha 5.5? Let’s take a tour:

Tackle the Wild Weeds

We’ve thrown a new challenge into our vibrant world. Unruly weeds are springing up across your island, adding an intriguing twist to your expansion plans. But there’s more than meets the eye — beneath these green intruders, you may discover valuable herbs or exquisite flowers. It’s time to swing your scythes and reclaim your land!

Simpler and Satisfying Crafting

Say goodbye to daunting tasks as we transform the crafting experience. Interact with the workshop, wield the hammer, work the Anvil — all with ease and satisfaction. With a significantly revamped crafting system and a visually appealing interface, crafting is as easy as pressing the big green button. Watch as your creations spring to life!

Immerse in the Symphony of Sounds effects

Swapping the background music for the symphony of nature, we’ve added a rich array of sound effects that blend harmoniously with the in-game actions. From the echo of crafting to the rustle of leaves beneath your feet — Paradise Tycoon is now more immersive than ever.

Experience the Living Paradise

With this update, we breathed more life into Paradise Tycoon. Footprints trail behind in the sand, leaves rustle underfoot, and sunlight dances around as it pierces through the foliage. The island is now a vibrant paradise, buzzing with colourful fish, corals, and butterflies.

Sky and clouds got an impressive upgrade in Snapshot 5.5

Enhanced Interactions

We’ve made the ordinary extraordinary. The smallest tasks now come alive — leaves flutter when you strike a tree, dust clouds rise as you gather resources. It’s these minute details that make Paradise Tycoon an unforgettable adventure.

Upgraded User Experience

Navigation in Paradise Tycoon now feels as smooth as a calm sea. With polished icons and improved effects, your journey through the island becomes more intuitive, helping you focus on what truly matters — the adventure!

Exciting Partnerships on the Horizon

A fresh wave of excitement is gathering momentum. We’re on the brink of announcing a series of new in-game partnerships. The journey beyond the exploration of the Ancient Ruins holds the promise of a series of fun and challenging quests.

Unlock the Genesis Area: Step into the Ancient Ruins

With Alpha 5.5, we’re thrilled to finally open the portal to the Genesis Area — Ancient Ruins. Hidden within the echoing halls of the ruins is a treasure chest, waiting for the bold enough to claim it. And the best part? You can practise navigating the challenging parkour of the ruins as many times as you like before you decide to commit your precious Genesis Key.

But once you’ve decided to take the plunge and use your Genesis Key, it’s a thrilling one-way journey. Your success within the ruins determines the rarity of your chest you’ll be getting. From Rare or Epic to the highly coveted Legendary Chest. Fear not though, each Genesis Key guarantees a prize, regardless of your performance.

For the daredevils among you holding multiple keys, there’s even more excitement: each key presents a new treasure hunting opportunity in the Genesis Area. The more keys you have, the more treasure awaits!

Upon opening your earned chest, a variety of rewards await:

  • Unique NFT Tools to enhance your game
  • Vanity NFTs themed to the Ancient Ruins
  • In-game resources
  • And, guaranteed in every chest — a key to the next Genesis Area, propelling your adventure even further.

The contents of each chest vary, ensuring each treasure hunt ends with a surprise.

The time has come, Tycoons! Your new paradise is just a click away:

Browser: Step into the exhilarating world of Paradise Tycoon right from your browser. Embark on your adventure here!

Mobile: Prefer to take your paradise-building on the go? Paradise Tycoon is available on Android. Start your journey here.

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