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NFT distribution must be reimagined from the early stages of Web3 Game development!

Paradise Coupons are Free-to-Own NFTs players can acquire by completing snapshots

It’s still all too common to see projects sell NFTs to community members in order for them to test early versions of the game. As a result, in addition to providing essential feedback, the community ends up paying for beta testing.

This is not how we operate. Early contribution should not only be free, but also rewarded. In the so-called Free-To-Own model, we put our NFTs in the hands of our players right from the start rather than forcing them into costly and risky NFT mints.

Our gameplan: we will turn our Roadmap into a series of playable Alpha & Beta Snapshots with clear objectives, and reward our community for getting involved with us.

Snapshot Roadmap

Every 1–2 months, a new snapshot will be released, and the previous snapshot will be discontinued.

We will launch 5 Alpha Snapshots and 4 Beta snapshots before the game is released, displaying all of the game’s core features as well as a fraction of Paradise Tycoon’s world.

In each Snapshot, you can earn Paradise Coupons. These coupons will give you Whitelist spots for NFT mints (like Paradise Passport) and other perks before the game launches, and then the Coupons can be converted into Genesis Land your own piece of property in the World of Paradise Tycoon!

Instead of having to buy an NFT to play — we reward you with NFTs for playing!

How to acquire Coupons?

In-game events, such as Fishing Tournaments or ‘Stache Agent Course

Achievements. Check out our Discord for one-off events. You can earn achievements and coupons by completing specific tasks in game or for the community. We will announce many new achievements in mid April!

Example: <Seeker of the Ham> Each snapshot has a HAM hidden somewhere on the map. The first player to find the ham and post a screenshot proof to Discord will win the title and a Coupon!

Giveaways. We will occasionally airdrop coupons to a few lucky community members on our own channels, or through some of our partnering projects.

Community Contests. We will put up contests on Twitter or Discord with Coupons as rewards.

When mint?

Paradise Coupons are NFTs that will be minted at a later date, but before that they can be used for getting Whitelists slots for multiple other Free Mints.

Coupon holders can check how many Coupons they have earned through our dashboard and from the game launcher.

The Paradise Coupons will be minted at the end of Beta phase. Please note that Paradise coupons will be grouped together as a single NFT, similar to a coupon book. This approach greatly reduces gas fees and prevents botting, as trading of single coupons will be obsolete.

After mint these coupons can be used in Paradise Tycoon marketplace to obtain Genesis Land, Upgrades & Customization to your land, as well as other items. The more coupons you collect, the cooler, more productive and impressive the land you start playing on will be!

WIth enough Paradise Coupons you can get your very own Genesis Land!

Please keep in mind that Genesis lands will only be available to coupon holders during the game’s pre-launch phase, and requires multiple coupons so the supply will be low.

Paradise Coupons will be used to obtain Genesis land, upgrades and other items during Beta phase (2023)

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