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2 min readMay 19, 2022


Last week our development team continued efforts to finish the Community Alpha, while the rest of the team took the opportunity to update the marketing material and game design. We wish to keep the features and content of the Community Alpha a surprise for a little bit longer, but instead we will share some super exciting game design details in this and next week’s progress updates.

Your NFT Crew (formerly known as ‘workers’)

Those of you who have visited our website, read the pitch deck or litepaper are familiar with the “worker” concept, although it wasn’t explained in detail. Today, we will remove the curtain and let you know exactly what to expect.

Johnny Noble — Level 5 Epic Crew member. Players can name their crew members and come up with a description fitting for the unique randomly generated appearance.

First of all, we don’t call them “workers”, they are part of your team, posse, an entourage, or as we put it… crew! These crew members are ERC-721 NFTs with randomly generated (awesome) unique looks and rarity from common to legendary. You can name the crew members and equip them as you wish.

In addition to being cool to watch and interact with, the crew members can actually be a very valuable asset to you in taking care of the paradise and when wanting a bit of competitive advantage when participating in events like Harvest Festival. You can assign the crew members to collect any resources, plant and harvest crops, and build or craft. Given you have provided them with the right tools and enough food!

Crew members have slightly different physique and facial expressions compared to player and NPC avatars to make it easy to distuingish during gameplay.

You can also teach your crew members new skills. When the crew members are busy working on tasks, they will gain experience and eventually level up. Levels give crew members skill points, which you can assign to specific skills. There will be a lot of options, and depending on your strategy you can either make things easy, requiring less management, or you can try to maximize your production even if it means more management.

Like everything in Paradise Tycoon, the crew members are also designed to the smallest detail. Crew members are fun to interact with, they have a huge amount of different poses, animations and expressions and occasionally they might do some silly stuff if you’re not looking after them, or perhaps even if you are.

What do you think about the NFT crew? Join our community, and let us know!

Timo Juuti

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