Progress Update #16

Almost 60 000 players can been playing Paradise Tycoon Snapshots

The last few weeks have been both hectic and really exciting as we near the completion of the game’s core features.

And that’s not all…

Besides moving forward with our development roadmap, we’ve also been working on a variety of new ways to connect with our community, organize exciting events, and spread the word about Paradise Tycoon!

Seeker of the Ham

The second snapshot has been running for a couple of weeks now and the feedback from our community has been absolutely overwhelming.

While new Snapshot Survivors are joining our ranks every day, we have also granted some slightly more exclusive titles, such as the Seeker of the Ham.

Here is a little backstory behind this event.

Even since the first Community Alpha there has been a ham in the bottom of the sea, (unintentionally?) left by one of our devs after experimenting with something.

For months the ham was forgotten, until one day several players found it and asked where this delicious bit of ham came from!

Was it an easter egg or just bait for the sharks? Suddenly, half of the community was looking for the mysterious ham so we decided to turn it into a recurring community event for each snapshot rollout!

Rules are simple:

Everytime we push a new snapshot release, the first Tycoon to find where we have hidden the ham and post a screenshot in our Discord server (General channel) will receive the special achievement <Seeker of the Ham>.

Congratulations to HarleySami, Sr. Chris and Yusha for earning the first <Seeker of the Ham> achievements. As a bonus, each of them also receives an additional Paradise Coupon

Be on the lookout on our socials for the next snapshot release date, we’ll have another Seeker of the Ham contest!i

With the next snapshot expected to arrive by the end of the year — let’s have a look at some of the features our dev team is currently working on:

The grand feature: Fishing

Any self-respecting MMO makes sure its Fishing feature is polished enough for players to spend hours into it. After a long day spent building your paradise getaway, nothing beats watching the sunset on the beach while fishing in the sea! A book cannot be judged by its cover — but an MMO can be judged by its Fishing feature.

One of the Fishing mechanism prototypes on our devs desktop

With Paradise Tycoon, we intend to give our players the finest fishing experience possible.

In fact, we are not only testing many different fishing prototypes to find the most enjoyable mechanism, but we also design some depth into the fishing feature making it not only fun but also a very useful feat in the game.

The following are some of the highlights of our future Fishing gameplay:

  • Explore the best fishing spots to capture the rarest fish.
  • Gather specific items to craft the ultimate fishing rod
  • Beat your friends in an extremely competitive and serious Fishing contest

Or simply relax and have fun, it’s your choice!

UI improvement — Hot Bar

Another exciting change that will dramatically improve the user experience is the introduction of the Hot Bar — six slots in the UI that players can use to quickly access tools or items.

Simply slide any item such as a hammer or fishing rod to the Hot Bar and use them without having to go through your inventory. The use case of Hot Bar will make more sense when we have introduced more tools players can use.

Halloween Tycoon Contest Winners

To celebrate Halloween we organized a photo contest for the Paradise Tycoon community. Winners will receive extra Paradise Coupon NFTs. We got lots of fantastic entries so it wasn’t easy to pick the three best but here they are:

1st prize: @Cryptovania222

2nd prize: @sallyfbabyy

3rd prize: @andikadukuh

Congratulations to all winners!

For more contests and opportunities to win some free NFTs keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord!

Timo Juuti

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Build your Paradise, Have fun with your Friends and Compete to become the Ultimate Tycoon in our immersive Multiplayer #Web3Game

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Build your Paradise, Have fun with your Friends and Compete to become the Ultimate Tycoon in our immersive Multiplayer #Web3Game