Progress Update #15

Alpha Snapshot #1

Earlier this month, we successfully released the first Alpha Snapshot to our community. To put it simply, Snapshots are early versions of the game highlighting certain features developed by the team. It is the most transparent method of project development because we involve our entire community in testing game features as they are built-in.

The mission you have to complete in our Snapshots is fairly simple: repair your boat and travel to the nearby Paradise Island. You’ll need to accomplish a few tasks and engage with our NPCs to do so.

Since we launched our first Snapshot, 15 000 users have taken their first steps into the world of Paradise Tycoon, with many of them landing on Paradise Island.

After completing the objective, players received a code to use on our Discord server. Those who redeemed their code were given a special role which will later grant an in-game achievement and potentially other goodies that we will reveal soon.

To this day, we’ve handed out nearly 300 “Snapshot1 survivor” roles. Thank you for your unwavering support and congratulations to all survivors!

Next Snapshot

The launch date for the second snapshot will be announced shortly. If you played the first one, you already know some of the features that will be added to snapshot 2.

The snapshot 2 is set in the same location, and again our unfortunate hero is left stranded on the island with a broken boat.

Fortunately, the NPC trader is still around to help you out. However, this time he needs you to craft something for him.

Go on an adventure to find the required resources hidden around the island (maybe even in the sea?). Grow some crops and exchange them for supplies you need to fix your boat again..

Finally, once you’ve arrived in Paradise Island and obtained your code, don’t forget to check our Discord to get your Snapshot Survivor2 badge!

Multiplatform taken to next level

As you know, we are developing Paradise Tycoon is being developed for a variety of platforms. This includes mobile, Windows and browser. But why stop there?

Our development team, which has previous experience working with consoles, performed a quick test to evaluate how smoothly Paradise Tycoon would function on the Nintendo Switch, and the results were fantastic!

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself

While we are certain that Nintendo will eventually join the web3 rocket, it might take some time before Paradise Tycoon is actually released on the Nintendo Switch.

Nonetheless, this experiment provided us with vital information and demonstrated the game’s platform portability, which we are really thrilled about.

That’s a wrap for now Tycoons.Stay tuned for more exciting news about the Alpha Snapshot rewards and Snapshot 2 launch!

Timo Juuti

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