Progress Update #14: Alpha Snapshots

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3 min readAug 23, 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks since our last progress update! We sat down with the team to discuss how to make the development of the project as transparent and engaging to the community as possible. Many projects update their roadmap and invite the community to join alpha or beta tests a couple of times before the actual launch. Typically these are also tied to pre-purchasing NFTs or other financial incentives. That’s not how we roll, so we came up with a plan.

In this update, we announce the Paradise Tycoon Alpha Snapshots

What’s a snapshot?

Snapshot is a limited early version of the game, showcasing specific features the team has developed. It is the most transparent way of building a project as we take all our community to test the game features gradually as soon as they have been built.

We give everyone access to the snapshots with no financial incentives — so no need to buy NFTs or passes! In return, we only ask for feedback from our community to help us improve the game and hunt bugs, as well as become part of the Paradise Tycoon creation process.

The mobile UI includes virtual joystick for movement, jumping, interaction and running

Each snapshot will start from the same setting, where the player has just arrived on the island.

Each snapshot will have a similar simple goal: fix your boat and travel to the nearby paradise island.

While the snapshot does not show the sandbox gameplay of the actual game you get to try out most of the features beforehand.

Gradually revealing the gameplay

Every snapshot has the same goal, but completing the mission becomes more challenging with each new snapshot. For example, the first snapshot will revolve around simple resource harvesting and trading with NPC traders. To fix the boat you need to get certain resources from the trader in exchange for your harvest.

In the second snapshot, we will introduce players to crafting.

Some features are not available in Alpha Snapshot #1 but will be later

In addition to harvesting, players will now also need to craft items for the NPC trader to acquire the resources to fix the boat. We will gradually introduce all the important features into the game while polishing the ones already built-in.

Snapshot finishers will be rewarded

We value our community, and we know the feedback we will get on the snapshots will be priceless. For this reason, we would like to reward all the players who complete the snapshots.

Upon completing a snapshot (i.e. reaching the paradise island), players will receive a code that can be redeemed in our Discord server.

Finish the snapshot and claim your role on our Discord server!

Read more about the Snapshots rewards here

Alpha Snapshot #1

The first Alpha Snapshot will be available to be downloaded for Windows and Android on Wednesday, 31st of August.

Compared to Community Alpha — the same features will be available with the addition of planting, growing and harvesting, minimap, lots of UI improvements and NPC trader.

First snapshot will be available until the next one is launched in October.

As we move into the next phase of our project development, we look forward to being more transparent, and engaging with the community on a bigger scale.

Timo Juuti

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