Progress Update #13: Multi-platform development

Different player experiences on different platforms

Playing situations can be roughly divided into two types: concentrated and on-the-go.

Technicalities of multi-platform development

Providing a smooth gaming experience on a variety of devices with varying capabilities (CPUs/GPUs, screen sizes, controllers,…) is often a major concern for any game studio.

Our vast experience with Unity makes multi-platform development a breeze

It has been nearly two decades since Unity IDE (Integrated Development Platform) has been used to develop new games. It provides an efficient game development experience due to its comprehensive set of features.

Closing words

Developing a game for multiple platforms is not an easy task and can only be done successfully by an experienced team. Nailing smooth performance and user experience on a wide range of devices gives a huge edge over the competition as there are a lot of distribution and partnership options available for different platforms.



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