Progress Update #12: Community Building

1st prize @iamgkhloe — Music binds us even in diversity!
🥈2nd prize @quycq — Parkour $JOE has the best view
🥉3rd prize @taqjir — Chilling with the dog after a long workday
  • Application form filled and quality of answers provided
  • Ambassador Tasks completion (RT, like, comments, play with the Alpha game and participation in our social media channels in general)
  • Spoken Language / Geographic Location
  • Active Social Channels and size of your follower base
  • Previous experience being an Ambassador
The Emoji Wheel is a great way to interact with other players
Paradise Tycoon MEME Contest 6–13th July
  1. Follow, Like & RT THIS tweet!



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Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon

Embark on a journey to build the paradise you have always dreamt of in the most exciting Play To Earn metaverse game of 2022.