Progress Update #12: Community Building

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4 min readJul 12, 2022

We have been putting a lot of effort into building our community for the past few weeks. A strong community is one of the most important parts in creating a successful project. In the end, this is a journey we can’t do alone so keeping our community active, happy and on board is our priority.

Wrapping up Community Challenge

Last week, we concluded our Community Alpha Photo Mode challenge by selecting the winners of the 3rd and final mission!

The launch of the alpha version as well as the challenge went both super well and even better than expected. We want to give a big hearty thank you to everyone who participated, shared the news and joined the fun!

Remember, the Alpha version is still available to download so even if you missed the challenge you can still check out what the fuss was all about!

Congratulations to all the winners once more!

🥇 1st prize @iamgkhloe — Music binds us even in diversity!

1st prize @iamgkhloe — Music binds us even in diversity!

🥈2nd prize @quycq — Parkour $JOE has the best view

🥈2nd prize @quycq — Parkour $JOE has the best view

🥉3rd prize @taqjir — Chilling with the dog after a long workday

🥉3rd prize @taqjir — Chilling with the dog after a long workday

Congratulations to all the winners once more!

Ambassador program launched!

Since the announcement of Ambassador Program a couple of weeks back — we have received a huge amount of applications. Hundreds, to be precise. While you can still apply to the program here we have now selected the first patch of 10 ambassadors to join the program.

Congratulations to (Twitter handles):











The Ambassadors were selected based on following criteria:

  • Application form filled and quality of answers provided
  • Ambassador Tasks completion (RT, like, comments, play with the Alpha game and participation in our social media channels in general)
  • Spoken Language / Geographic Location
  • Active Social Channels and size of your follower base
  • Previous experience being an Ambassador

After on-boarding the first patch of ambassadors, we will select another one. The final amount of ambassadors is still open, and will likely scale with our community. Keep an eye on our community for more news about our ambassador program!

Social Features — Emoji Wheel

In addition to community building, we developed another fantastic social feature to the game. The game is not all about exploring, collecting resources, crafting and building but also about social interaction and having fun with your friends. Sometimes, interaction doesn’t necessarily need words, and for that reason we have the Emoji Wheel!

The Emoji Wheel is a great way to interact with other players

Currently the Emoji Wheel includes 8 different animations for your avatar. Some of these you might have already seen in Photo Mode. You can make the avatar dab, shrug, to blow a kiss, sit on the ground, wave, do a hero pose or praise. In the future we will add more emojis, and possibly allow players to pick which ones they want to have in the wheel for a good user experience. What kind of animations would you like to see? Drop us a message on TG or Twitter!

Meme Contest

Paradise Tycoon MEME Contest 6–13th July

Last but not least, we announced a Meme Contest this week everyone should definitely participate in. The rules are simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Follow, Like & RT THIS tweet!

2. Tweet your meme & tag @ParadiseTycoon with hashtags: #ParadiseTycoonMeme #meme #GameFi #AVAX

3. Use our logo and content

Winner will receive 100 USDT, 2nd prize is 50 USDT and the 3rd prize 30 USDT. The contest will be running until July 13th.

We have already received dozens if not hundreds of memes. Remember, quality over quantity, so prepare your meme with care! Tip: we love it if you use in-game assets!

That’s it for this week. More exciting news again in our next update!

Timo Juuti

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