Progress Update #11: Avalanche Collaboration & Crafting feature

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3 min readJun 23, 2022


Community Challenge Update

Last week we teamed up with Avalanche for the 2nd mission of our Community Alpha Photo Mode Challenge. Once again we received an overwhelming amount of amazing and creative submissions. Our community members customized their character with AVAX branded clothes, took selfies next to the AVAX flag at the party island, and even found a treasure chest filled with AVAX coins! Here are the winning entries of the 2nd mission:

🥇1st Prize @HsyNup with AVAX 🔺 buddies

🥈2nd Prize @vytruongcnc with AVAX treasure

🥉 3rd Prize @TuMapU0902 with AVAX DJ (looks like good old traderjoe)

Congratulations to all winners! Didn’t win? No worries you still have a chance. We have the 3rd and final mission ongoing right now so go and submit your entry today

Ambassador Program Announcement

Last week we also announced our Ambassador Program. The amount of applications we have received is overwhelming and we are currently in the process of reviewing all of them.

In addition to the application, we also look into demography, preferred platform etc. to make sure we get all timezones and channels covered. Please stay patient and keep your eyes on our community, we’ll let you know when we have chosen the ambassadors!


Last week our development team created the first version of the crafting feature. Crafting is one of the big features which is directly connected to production and customization, player-to-player trading and earning. It is of utmost importance that the crafting feature is simple but fun, and doesn’t get tiresome after a while.

For crafting players need 1) to find (or build) a crafting station, 2) blueprints and 3) crafting materials. You can acquire crafting materials by farming, harvesting natural resources or by foraging, i.e. picking stuff from the ground, from the bottom of the ocean or your neighbor’s trash bin (no stealin’!), or of course by trading with the merchants at Port Ohana or other players.

In addition to the right materials, you will need a blueprint for the item. Some blueprints can be purchased from the merchants at Port Ohana, but you will also get them as rewards, or you can just randomly find one laying around while exploring the metaverse.

From the blueprint, you can see the stats of the item as well as the materials you need for crafting. In addition to specific materials required for the item, each item will have a base material.

For example, in a shovel, the base material could be the wood used in the handle. The base material will determine the stats and rarity of the item. This means that if you happen to find a piece of alien metal from the bottom of the ocean, you can use the same shovel blueprint to create an ultra rare legendary shovel. You can then either use the ultra rare shovel yourself, equip your NFT crew member with it to increase its value, or trade the item for a high price at the auction house! The possibilities are limitless!

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