Play-to-Airdrop Season 2: Earn Moani!

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3 min readApr 12, 2024


Exciting news for all Paradise Tycoon enthusiasts! Players are given the opportunity to earn Moani tokens before the official game launch. Read on to learn how…

All earning methods are linked to the Paradise Pass feature. Whether you’re leveraging the Gold tier via the Paradise Pass NFT or participating in the free tier through the airdrop campaign, you can accumulate Moani rewards before the game launches.

We have reserved a whopping 120,000,000 (that’s 120 MILLION) tokens for Paradise Pass NFT holders and 60,000,000 tokens for Free Tier!

Paradise Pass NFT

Secure your access to the highest potential for Moani rewards by acquiring a Paradise Pass NFT. This limited-supply NFT serves as your ticket to the Gold tier of our Paradise Pass feature and unlocks passive earnings.

The Paradise Pass Gold rewards are divided between two beta seasons and 12 seasons post-launch, with the second season beginning on June 27th. Each season lasts approximately 20–30 days. However, the Moani rewards are claimed immediately after the task completion, enabling you to use your earned Moani right away!

Paradise Pass Free Tier

If you don’t have a ParadisePass NFT, don’t worry! You can join our free-to-play airdrop campaign. This allows you to earn badges through various in-game activities. If you earn over 200 badges, you’ll be eligible for the Moani airdrop at the end of the season. Moreover, the more badges you collect, the greater your reward!

We have reserved 60,000,000 Tokens for the two beta seasons of the Paradise Pass Free Tier. After launch, we will likely maintain the free tier, but with some modifications and new prize pool.

What’s New in Season 2

Available for both Gold and Free tiers, players can craft and mint NFTs while playing! Additionally, players can complete small daily tasks to earn Moani immediately.

Withdrawal Policies

Tokens can be earned in-game but will remain off-chain until a week after the full game launch. These tokens, known as Moani, can be used within the game to accelerate progress, upgrade items and tools for a competitive edge in future competitions and events, or simply for entertainment. The option to withdraw tokens at the in-game bank will become available a week after the Launch. This short delay ensures a smooth and secure gaming experience per our tokenomics designed for sustainability.

Furthermore, a 30% withdrawal fee will be applied to all players at the TGE and thereafter for players who have been in the game for less than a month. These fees are returned to the game’s economy pool and redistributed as rewards for active players. This withdrawal fee helps us comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, provides additional tools against botting or multi-accounting, and ensures a rewarding gaming experience for genuine gamers and tycoons.

The Path Ahead

For details on how to maximize your earnings read this article here. The season of earning, building, and strategizing begins now. Welcome to the dawn of a new era in Paradise Tycoon— where your virtual paradise awaits, ripe with opportunities and rewards. See you in Paradise, Tycoons!

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