Paradise Tycoon: Year in recap

Welcome to the Paradise Tycoon 2022 Year in Review!

This is what NYE in Paradise Tycoon looked like (in-game screenshot from Alpha Snapshot 3)

As we look back on the year, we’re excited to share our journey with you and highlight the major events and updates that have shaped our game and its community.

At Paradise Tycoon HQ, we’re building an open world that immerses players in an interactive and engaging experience. We believe that our development process, which is community-driven and focused on player feedback, sets us apart from other web3 gaming projects.

So, come along with us and discover what makes Paradise Tycoon unique.

Overview of the year’s major events and updates

When we set out to create Paradise Tycoon, we knew that we wanted to build a game that was different from anything else out there. With considerable past expertise in Web2 game development & publishing and the backing of key advisers, partners, and early funders, our team began developing the world of Paradise Tycoon on the Avalanche network.

In April, we took our first steps into the prototype version of the game. Despite the limited features in place, the world felt incredibly immersive and we knew we were on the right track. It gave us the confidence needed to reveal the entire development process to our community through a series of public alpha and beta releases. And at the same time, to gather valuable feedback every step of the way.

In June, we published the Community Alpha and opened our doors to early followers. We organized a photo contest with the support of Avalanche, participated in multiple AMAs, and updated our website in the first steps toward making the game public. We also started an ambassador program, recruited more team members, and created the Alpha Snapshot pipeline.

Last summer our art team demonstrated the adventures that are waiting for players in Paradise Tycoon in this video trailer made with gameplay art only.

Unlike many other projects, we never considered gating our alpha or beta with NFTs or restricting access to increase the hype. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play and provide feedback, and that’s why we made the alpha and beta free to play.

In September, we released the first Alpha Snapshot and invited everyone to play. Within just a couple of weeks, the first Snapshots was downloaded over 20,000 times. A number that has now grown close to x10.

We also announced the Paradise Coupons, a reward program for the community that would allow players to earn NFT coupons that could later be transformed into Genesis Land, upgrades, and other in-game items.

As we moved into December and the release of the 3rd Snapshot, the basic foundation and core features of Paradise Tycoon were ready. We reached over 150,000 downloads, organised 3 seekers of the ham events and multiple Tycoon community contests, while rewarding the community with hundreds of Paradise Coupons. The road ahead of us is still long, but we are now well on our way to the final product.

Analysis of player engagement and community growth

The progress made in 2022 with Paradise Tycoon has been remarkable, and it’s all thanks to the engagement and participation of our community.

The high number of downloads for the 1st Snapshot in September up to the 3rd Snapshot in December is evidence of the strong interest in the game. The photo contest, AMAs, and community contests also demonstrated a high level of engagement from players.

Additionally, the Paradise Coupons, which reward players for participating in the development process, further encourage engagement and participation in the game.

Numbers went big in 2022 although we are just getting started!

In terms of community growth, we can see that the number of players and followers has been steadily increasing throughout the year. From the initial group of early followers in June, to the 15k+ followers we have now across the board, it’s clear that the community is expanding rapidly. The ambassador program, recruitment of new team members, and regular updates on our socials have also contributed to this growth.


As we head into 2023, we’re excited to continue building on this strong tech and community foundation and to bring new and exciting features to the game.

With a pipeline full of amazing features, including new Snapshots, NFT mints, Multiplayer mode, Marketplace, Genesis lands, and the highly-anticipated World Creation Event, we’re confident that 2023 will be a year of even more progress and success for Paradise Tycoon.

Alpha Snapshot 3 Gameplay trailer

But we couldn’t do it without our community, so we want to give a big thanks to all of you who have been a part of Paradise Tycoon’s journey so far. We look forward to continuing to work together to create a really special Web3 game.

What’s happening next?!

Are you ready to join the adventure? Visit our website and become part of our community on Discord. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the World Creation Event and to own a piece of Paradise Tycoon’s virtual world!

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