Paradise Tycoon — Q2 Highlights

  • Closed & Community Alpha versions released on Win/Mac. Partners & Players got the first look & feel to the world of Paradise Tycoon. The Community Alpha version focused on the environment, while the closed version showcased some of the core features as well.
  • Advisory Board. Paradise Tycoon gathered up a strong Advisory board of six comprising of the most brilliant minds in gaming & blockchain
  • Progress updates. The team published 10 progress updates on Medium and multiple in-depth articles on important topics like the game economy and team details.
  • Photo Mode Challenge announced in partnership with Avalanche. Players used Photo Mode in the Alpha version to create beautiful photos and memes to compete. We received over a hundred entries!
  • AMA Roadshow. The first leg of the road trip included 5 different communities, thousands of questions and many happy giveaway winners.
  • Ambassador Program. We received over 300 applications, of which we are now selecting ambassadors to grow our community.
  • Community Building is now at full speed. Paradise Tycoon community size has increased over 750% during Q2 to almost 15000 members in total.
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Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon

Embark on a journey to build the paradise you have always dreamt of in the most exciting Play To Earn metaverse game of 2022.