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2 min readMay 8, 2024


The much-anticipated mint is just around the corner! So, let’s get ready. Here are the key details you need to know…


Mint Date: Friday 10th May 2024

To find out in advance if you are eligible to mint, please go to:

If you’re on the ‘Guaranteed Whitelist’, you can mint during the following timeframe:

1pm — 4pm UTC / 6am — 9am PST / 9am — 12noon EST / 10pm — 1am JST

If you’re on the ‘Waitlist’, minting is at:

4pm — 6pm UTC / 9am — 11am PST / 12noon — 2pm EST / 1am -3am JST — Note: The waitlist slots are limited and once filled, no more slots will be available.

Where to Mint?

Please go to:

What to Do on the Minting Site?

On the 10th of May, start by clicking the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. Follow the on-screen instructions to mint your NFT, ensuring you use the submitted wallet address, either Immutable Passport or Metamask. (On mobile, Metamask only works if you use Metamask’s browser.)


It’s FREE! No gas fee!

Note that you do not need IMX on your wallet to mint. Therefore, there is no need to transfer anything to IMX.

What chain?

Immutable zkEVM (but it is free!)

Need assistance with using Metamask with Immutable zkEVM? Refer to this helpful article.

What do I do with the NFT?

The NFT provides access to the GOLD tier in ParadisePass, our non-violent alternative to BattlePass, and the next evolution of the Play-to-Airdrop model.

By completing daily & weekly challenges in the GOLD tier, you can earn Moani tokens, along with other attractive rewards in-game before the full game launch in June 2024.

Where to complete challenges and play?

Paradise Tycoon is accessible on the browser at:

Or download the game on your Android device from the Google Store.

The play-to-airdrop season starts on the 15th of May.

The iOS version is also coming soon!

Where can I trade Paradise Passes?

The collection will be available on Sphere.

You can also trade at other Immutable Marketplaces. Always use the official links.


Join our Discord server where our helpful mods and community are delighted to assist you.


If you already got the NFT on the 3rd of May there is no need to mint again — we will airdrop the new Paradise Pass to your wallet automatically.

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