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2 min readJun 5, 2024


Do you own Genesis NFTs from the early Alpha versions of Paradise Tycoon? With the game now in public beta and nearing full launch, it’s time to migrate your NFTs to Immutable zkEVM. Once migrated, you’ll be able to use them in Paradise Tycoon! Read on for detailed instructions on how to complete the migration.

Step 1: Go to the migration website


Click on ‘Connect to Metamask Wallet’

Step 2: Select the Wallets for migration

From: Avax C-Chain network (the one where your Genesis NFTs are)

To: Immutable Passport (the same one you use in-game)

And then click on ‘Continue’. On this page, you will see the Genesis NFTs you can migrate such as Genesis Collection (rewards from Ancient Ruins), pets, and furniture. You can’t migrate the chests. You need to open them first here.

Step 3: Confirm the details

Double-check you’ve selected the correct wallets, and check the list of assets to be migrated. Then press continue & approve.

Step 4: Approve transaction(s) in Metamask

You will need to approve each asset group separately. You might get a warning like this— that’s fine.

Step 5: Press ‘Start Migration’

Confirm the transaction(s) on Metamask

Congratulations, you have migrated your assets! You can start using the NFTs in-game once the latest update goes live on Thursday 6th of June!

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