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3 min readNov 24, 2023


Exciting times are ahead for all Paradise Tycoon players! Next week marks the release of our final Alpha update, and we’re thrilled to announce some major features. Get ready for the return of the fan-favorite obstacle course event, and just like before, participating in this event gives you a chance to earn exclusive Paradise Coupons!

Understanding Paradise Coupons

As the web3 gaming token wave continues to surge, we’ve noticed a growing curiosity around Paradise Coupons. What are they? How can you earn them? And most importantly, how do they relate to our upcoming MOANI token? Let’s dive in!

Earning and Utilizing Paradise Coupons

Paradise Coupons are a special currency available to players of both Alpha and Beta versions of Paradise Tycoon. How can you earn these coveted coupons? It’s simple— participate in in-game quests and events, such as the Fishing Tournament or ‘Stache’s Agent Training Course. Additionally, you can earn coupons by being an active member of our Paradise Tycoon community or win some through contests and giveaways on Discord.

Your Gateway to Genesis Land and Upgrades

These coupons are your key to exclusive benefits at the World Creation Event— the global launch of Paradise Tycoon. Utilize your coupons to acquire Genesis Land and to upgrade the land. Genesis Land isn’t just any piece of virtual real estate; it’s bigger, richer in resources, and offers more than what new players will find post-launch.

While you eagerly await the World Creation Event, your coupons also unlock exclusive opportunities for free NFTs. This includes the Paradise Passport, granting early access to multiplayer features and daily tasks, ensuring you’re ahead of the curve when the world of Paradise Tycoon fully unfolds.

Why Genesis Land Matters

Owning Genesis Land means you’ll have access to rarer resources, boosting your ability to trade, build, and craft effectively. Remember, trading is at the very core of Paradise Tycoon— those who master it stand to gain immensely in our vibrant world.

However producing valuable resources isn’t just about trade; it directly influences your performance in events like the Harvest Festival. With the right resources, you can craft superior tools and consumables, giving you that much-needed edge in competitive gameplay.

Harvest Festival event!

So, gear up for our last Alpha update next week. Take on the obstacle course, earn those Paradise Coupons, and prepare to make your mark in the exciting world of Paradise Tycoon!

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