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2 min readMay 14, 2024


Paradise Pass NFT is a limited collection of 1500 NFTs that unlocks the coveted GOLD tier in our gaming reward system, Paradise Pass. By completing daily challenges you will earn Moani tokens while exploring the Paradise Tycoon multiplayer world. Ready to start the adventure?

What’s Inside the Paradise Pass NFT?

  • Utility: 120,000,000 Moani tokens have been allocated for NFT holders through Paradise Pass seasonal rewards.
  • Rewards: With Paradise Pass NFT, you can get instant Moani rewards from the GOLD tier by completing daily tasks AND a passive bonus simply by holding the NFT until the season’s end (do not list or transfer the NFT or you will lose your passive earnings).
  • Seasons: The Paradise Pass GOLD rewards are divided between two beta seasons and 12 seasons post-launch, with the first season beginning on May 15th. Each season lasts approximately 20–30 days.


Moani in-game currency will be converted into an on-chain token in TGE. The withdraw feature of Moani token will be available 1-week after TGE. The withdraw feature will include a 30% fee to all players for 1 month after launch and after that for new players.


You can find Paradise Pass NFT on Sphere, opening up opportunities for collectors and gamers alike. Not financial advice.

Without the ParadisePass NFT, you can still join our free-to-play airdrop campaign. This allows you to earn Moani by collecting badges through various in-game activities.

Looking Ahead

Excitement is brewing for the upcoming full-game launch of Paradise Tycoon in the summer of 2024. Experience the new gaming adventures with a Paradise Pass NFT in our current open beta version!

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