Empires Not Vampires secures $1 Million in initial funding to fuel development of Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon
3 min readFeb 15, 2023

The company behind Paradise Tycoon, Empires Not Vampires Ltd., was founded in 2017 by our Co-Founders Harri Karppinen and Timo Juuti. Since then, we’ve grown into a close-knit team of 12 team members with over 70 years of collective experience in the gaming industry. Most of us working together from the early days of the company. Our diverse skillsets enabled us to approach game development from multiple angles, blending creativity and data-driven decision-making to craft truly engaging gaming experiences, establishing a strong foothold in the mobile gaming industry.

Fast forward to late 2021, we made the decision to pivot to blockchain technology, confident in our ability to bring the same level of excellence to the web3 gaming space.

“It was a perfect time for us to pivot into Blockchain games. The years of working together as a team refined our development workflow to a very efficient combination of data driven and creative process, something that we can take into blockchain games with high confidence” Timo Juuti, Co-Founder (Article: Meet the Team)

Although we have previously developed and published mobile games, raised initial equity funding, and established a vast network of industry connections to collaborate with, pivoting to a new market and developing a new game requires additional resources. That’s why we’ve surrounded ourselves with some of the web3 industry’s brightest minds and partners to help us bring Paradise Tycoon to life on the blockchain.

In addition to the advisory announced earlier this year, we’ve also raised a pre-seed token round funding in the Autumn of 2022. The initial pre-seed funding round was led by Shima Capital.

“We’re extremely bullish on Paradise Tycoon and the entire Empires Not Vampires team” said Yida Gao, Founder & Managing General Partner at Shima Capital. “The core team has worked together for many years and have shown a true knack for creating engaging games in what we believe is a great genre for web3 gaming — the midcore.”

This round also received support from several other notable venture capital funds including Zee Prime Capital, Fomocraft Ventures, FireX Capital, Devmons Gaming and Starter Capital. We’re thrilled to have these amazing partners on board and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration with them.

“We believe in mass adoption of web3 games for hybrid casual and tycoon genres. But only the best games will lead the market. Paradise Tycoon has already proven the right direction by having a traction of 200K+ downloads, which is much more players than majority of web3 games were able to reach.” Said Obviously Obvious from Devmons Gaming. “However the potential and real fun begins in millions+ users. Paradise Tycoon has the team, skill, passion and experience to get there.”

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without the support of our exceptional angel investors. We’re grateful for the contributions of Mikko Ohtamaa from Trading Protocol, Kyn Chaturvedi from Minterest, and Gilgamesh and 0xKepler from Hiroba. These industry leaders have not only provided us with funding but also valuable insights and guidance that have helped us navigate the complex world of blockchain gaming. We’re excited to continue working with them as we bring Paradise Tycoon to life.

To conclude, the recent successful funding round for Paradise Tycoon has not only secured the next crucial steps in the game’s development and go-to-market strategy, but it has also paved the way for future fundraising, as we continue our growth and development.

Thank you to all of our supporters and we can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been working on!

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Paradise Tycoon

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