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Paradise Tycoon
4 min readNov 23, 2023

At Empires Not Vampires, we have a long history of developing and publishing innovative games. So it’s no surprise that while our current focus is firmly on Paradise Tycoon, we’re also keenly planning to develop more games. Each new game will weave into Paradise Tycoon’s universe, creating interlinked yet independent gaming experiences. Players can play various different games, yet find threads that link back to the world of Paradise Tycoon, enriching both their gaming experience and the universe we’re building.

Independent games — Interconnected experiences

Imagine playing a top-down view arcade RPG, where your Paradise Tycoon avatar explores dungeons filled with otherworldly creatures and defeats them with a mighty two-handed sword! The avatar is familiar, but the environment is unlike anything you’ve explored before.

Suddenly, you come across a massive zombie spider that you have no chance against. Instead of giving up, you call up your friend who’s playing Paradise Tycoon. In a flash, your friend— who just stumbled upon a fresh vein of Tycoonium ore— crafts an epic Tycoonium sword. This is one of the most powerful weapons available. The sword is quickly sent to you. With this new weapon, you defeat the spider and collect XP and loot!

This is just one example of the possibilities that our growing collection of games linked with Paradise Tycoon offers. Imagine a kart racing game where you can tune or build cars in Paradise Tycoon. Or a MOBA-like game where all the gear and weapons are crafted in Paradise Tycoon. You can play these games separately or enhance your experience by obtaining better gear and items through playing Paradise Tycoon or trading with other players.

MOANI token — your currency in all Paradise games

Using the same MOANI token will be possible in all of our future games. You can trade or craft items from these games within Paradise Tycoon. Players will be rewarded with the MOANI token not only in Paradise Tycoon but also in other games. Furthermore, players will have many ways to spend the Token to elevate their gaming experience. This creates a sustainable and secure economy where the use cases for the token increase exponentially with each new game. Additionally, you will not need to create multiple wallets to play each game. Your gamer account will act as a wallet, save your progress, and allow you to play the game on different platforms, whether it’s mobile or desktop!

New gamer archetype: Tycoon

We have had the idea of a new gamer archetype, Tycoon, in the back of our minds for quite some time. We believe there is no other game out there where you can build in-game assets for other games. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the Tycoon gamer archetype. A Tycoon is a gamer who plays a supportive role rather than being the “main character” who competes in tournaments or completes every dungeon. Tycoon optimises their resource production, may have NFT Crew Members to automate tasks, and craft various items like tools, weapons, gear, and parts for other games. Tycoons may do this to help guildmates, friends, or to trade and earn MOANI tokens. Have you ever dreamed of running your own in-game asset factory? You might be a Tycoon!

Faster Development

You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, right? Creating interoperability between games? Thanks to blockchain technology, it actually reduces the workload! Blockchain provides a pre-made infrastructure that we can use to link the games together. By linking the games, we eliminate the need to develop separate deeper gameplay layers for crafting and trading, which would typically require additional development work in games built with a Hybrid Casual approach. Additionally, by utilising some of the same assets and 3D model libraries, we can further reduce the time it takes to develop the games. These key factors contribute to our rapid development process!

While we are currently focused on Paradise Tycoon, we expect the first new games that utilise Paradise Tycoon assets to enter the early testing phase as soon as 2025. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and can’t wait to bring these interconnected experiences and the Tycoon archetype to life.

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