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We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Avalanche blockchain, which will enable us to introduce blockchain technology to our upcoming game, Paradise Tycoon. We believe that blockchain technology provides a new level of security, transparency, and decentralization to the gaming industry. Our partnership with Avalanche blockchain is a crucial component of this mission, and we’d like to share our backstory with Ava Labs and the reasons behind our decision to partner with them.

Our collaboration with Ava Labs began in the summer of 2022, with the first playable public pre-alpha of our game. Since then, our partnership has grown to include comprehensive technical and marketing support, strategic advising, and a massive network of connections throughout the Avalanche ecosystem.

Winner of the Alpha Photo Mode Challenge in June ‘22

We chose Avalanche as our blockchain partner primarily because of its focus on gaming. The Avalanche gaming team understands the unique needs of developers in this market and recognizes that gaming is an excellent way to introduce new users to Web3. We share this vision and believe that games are an excellent entry point for people to experience blockchain and its benefits. Partnering with a blockchain that prioritizes gaming was crucial for us.

Paradise Tycoon thrives to create a seamless gaming experience

In addition, Avalanche’s exceptional performance is also essential in achieving a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for our players. With high throughput, low latency, and low transaction fees, Avalanche is ideal for gaming applications such as Paradise Tycoon.

Furthermore, Avalanche’s ecosystem has multiple chains/subnets, and cross-chaining is internal and easy to achieve, particularly between Avalanche ecosystem chains with AWM/HyperSDK. This feature provides us with the necessary scalability and customizability to achieve our goal of having millions of users playing our game. We plan to use HyperSDK, one of the many tools developed by Avalanche, to help our developers deploy more efficiently and with greater ease. By using this framework, we can save time and resources, allowing us to focus on creating a better gaming experience.

Player to Player trading is the cornerstone of Paradise tycoon economy

Another significant advantage of partnering with Avalanche is the possibility to deploy our own Subnet. This provides us with the flexibility to use our native token as gas fees, enabling us to create a seamless and transparent in-game economy. With Subnets, our users can use our token to purchase in-game assets and services without worrying about fluctuating gas prices. As a result, we can focus on designing a game that caters to our users’ needs without being limited by traditional app store pricing points of typical F2P mobile games.

Finally, Avalanche’s AWM warp messaging enables collaboration between other blockchains, including other games and platforms, creating an interconnected gaming ecosystem that opens up new opportunities for Paradise Tycoon and its users.

Paradise Tycoon is preparing for mass adoption of mainstream gamers!

In conclusion, our partnership with Avalanche is essential to our mission of bringing blockchain gaming to everyone. By leveraging Avalanche’s high performance, scalability, and flexibility, we can offer a unique and immersive gaming experience to millions of users worldwide. We are excited to continue exploring the possibilities of Web3 gaming and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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