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5 min readMay 13, 2023


Hello, fellow Tycoons and welcome to Snapshot 5 — your gateway to unparalleled adventures and rewarding experiences!

We have taken a another leap in our ongoing journey to revolutionize the world of Web3 gaming. We are thrilled to unveil Alpha Snapshot 5, the final Alpha version of Paradise Tycoon before we transition into Beta.

Bursting with exciting new content and features, we’re confident this release will significantly elevate your gaming journey, leaving you yearning for more!

Each feature of Snapshot 5 has been meticulously designed to enhance your experience in Paradise Tycoon. From exploring new regions on the map, tackling side quests with brand new NPCs, to big improvements to farming and crafting, Snapshot 5 paves the way for a gameplay that’s immersive, rewarding, and downright fun!

Introducing the Neighborhood region on Alpha Island

The Paradise Tycoon world is expanding! With the first introduction of neighbourhoods in Snapshot 5, we’re taking a step forward to elevate our already immersive and community-driven game to a whole new level.

Picture this: you and your fellow Tycoons, each owning your own land after the world creation event, forming a close-knit neighbourhood surrounded by a shared communal area.

This common space isn’t going to be a barren land; it’ll be a treasure trove of rare resources, fun times and a vibrant hub to socialize and make new friends! In Alpha Snapshot 5, we’re showcasing a first version of that shared area for you to test it out.

While Alpha Snapshot 5 provides just a glimpse of what’s to come, you can already expect to stumble upon engaging NPCs and resources unique to these new regions.

Meet the New NPCs and Embark on Side Quests

Alpha Snapshot 5 features a host of fascinating new NPCs, each with their own story, and ready to challenge your Tycoon skills. These intriguing characters will be found mingling around the communal land, ready to offer exciting side quests.

Paradise Coupons: Your Ticket to More Rewards

Eager to earn more coupons for Paradise Passport or Genesis Land? We’re delighted to introduce Chef Jolly, an NPC who’s as cheerful as they come. Complete her tasteful side quests and win Paradise Coupons as a reward! The best part? Everyone’s a winner in this release, no leaderboard competition required!

Embrace the Evolution with Farming 2.0

Farming in Paradise Tycoon has undergone a massive transformation in Snapshot 5. Farming-related features now flawlessly integrate with the interactions you have with other resources and objects in the game. Use the seed bag in your hotbar to plant seeds, pick up the right tool for harvesting, and enjoy the ability to clear additional farming plots. Farming has never felt so intuitive!

Master Crafting with New Resources and Blueprints

Snapshot 5 enriches the crafting aspects of Paradise Tycoon with the additions of new resources and blueprints. We’re introducing a new tier system, enabling you to track your progression and setting the stage for you to become a Master Crafter! As you discover new resources and blueprints, your skills evolve, opening the door to becoming a legendary crafter! The journey won’t always be easy, but the rewards are worth it.

Inventory Overhaul: Say Hello to Inventory Tabs

Taking your feedback to heart, we’re delighted to present a highly requested feature — inventory tabs. Snapshot 5 reimagines the inventory system, offering separate tabs for different item and resource categories, making it easier than ever to manage your assets.

Explore the Mystical Genesis Area

In the communal area, you’ll stumble upon a curious and almost mystical portal. While it’s currently dormant, Snapshot 5 will awaken it for all Genesis Key, opening the doors to an exclusive Genesis Area teeming with thrilling events and rewarding prizes.

Enhanced UI & UX for a Seamless Experience

Snapshot 5 is more than just new features and updates. We’ve also been working hard to enhance the overall user experience and the game’s UI. While we’re continually refining the interface, our commitment remains unshaken: Paradise Tycoon is, and will always be, an easy-to-navigate and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

The Road Ahead: Transitioning into Beta

As we stand on the brink of transitioning into Beta, Snapshot 5 marks an important milestone in our journey. This final Alpha release is a testament to our commitment to delivering a gaming experience that’s engaging, innovative, and community-focused.

The introduction of the neighbourhood communal area, community events, rewarding quests and highly requested features in Snapshot 5 ensures that community remains at the core of the gameplay experience. We’re not just building a game; we’re creating a world where every Tycoon feels at home.

We invite you to explore the enhanced world of Paradise Tycoon through Snapshot 5. Dive into new adventures, engage with fellow Tycoons, and help shape a world that’s truly your own. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable to us. So dive in, explore, and let us know your thoughts! Our Discord community is always here to listen.

Are you ready to experience Paradise Tycoon like never before?

Happy gaming!

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