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3 min readOct 17, 2022


2nd snapshot will be launched 18th of October

The second snapshot will be available on Android and web browsers (supporting Mac & PC with the most popular browsers, but also several other devices) on the 18th of October.

You might have seen some news and leaks of new features on our Twitter and Discord channels, but there is a lot more to see and test in the second snapshot!

The biggest new features include Crafting, Foraging and Photo Gallery, but we have also added a lot of smaller features and improvements. Have a look at the full list below:

Environment and resources

  • Foraging. Crafting resources can now be found & collected from the environment too!
  • New crop & seed! Grow & trade bananas.
  • Halloween decorations & Halloween-themed stickers on photo mode.
  • Football with kick physics & goal posts. Watch what happens when you score a goal!
  • New Trades on NPC Trader (bonus items & something that goes ‘boom’!)

Player avatar

  • Character customisation and name will be saved
  • Emoji-wheel with 8 different poses
Emoji wheel (with some wip icons)


  • Simple quest system to guide the player through the steps to complete the snapshot
  • Quest tracking on Minimap

Crafting feature

  • Workshop UI with pre-learned blueprints available for hammer, nails, rope and more.
  • Crafting station to craft items
Crafting will come with some pre-learned blueprints

Photo gallery feature

  • Gallery to browse screenshots taken with photo mode
  • Share features on mobile devices
Screenshot of crafting animation added to the photo gallery!

User Interface improvements

  • Minor fixes and adjustments
  • Settings window with volume sliders
  • Graphic quality settings for better performance on low-end devices


  • Snapshot Achievements to gain NFT rewards
  • Seeker of the Ham achievement. Ham is missing! The first one to find the ham will get achievement & the reward
Check out our Discord for fun achievements!

Now that you know all about these new cool features in Alpha Snapshot #2, it’s time to go play the game… tomorrow!

Timo Juuti

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