Build, explore & expand

Create a unique avatar and travel to an uninhabited island to build your personal paradise! Expand to the lush tranquil lands that surround you or travel across the metaverse to become a Paradise Tycoon! Upgrade, progress and chill in a world with no battling, invasions or war! Collect resources and craft items to trade or bring your dreams to life by decorating and upgrading your home villa and beach, or build tools and production buildings! There’s no limit to what you can achieve!

Maximize production & create your own fun

Actively manage your crew, teach them new skills and equip them with the best tools to maximize production or just relax and create your own fun with your friends in a highly interactive world with endless possibilities.

Play with your friends

Collaborate with your neighboring landowners in events and create a lush utopian community. Invite friends across the metaverse for a visit to unwind in the harmonious environment of your paradise or hang out with the diverse cast of amazing characters at Port Ohana! Experience your very own paradise in the most exciting free-to-play and play-and-earn game of 2022.

Paradise Tycoon

Build your Paradise, Have fun with your Friends and Compete to become the Ultimate Tycoon in our immersive Multiplayer #Web3Game